Key Benefits

  • Up to 40% Energy Savings
  • Less than One Year Return on Investment
  • Design or Retrofit any Facility with a Wireless Cost Effective Solution
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Analytical Reporting
  • Intuitive, Friendly User Interface
  • Increased Occupant Satisfaction
  • Intelligent Solution without Extra Equipment to Install
  • Wireless HVAC Energy Management

    Our systems can save up to 40% on energy bills and pay for themselves in less than 1 year.

  • Hospitality Solutions

    The first solution to save energy and operating costs while improving the guest experience.

  • Commercial Solutions

    We will change the way you think about Energy Savings. Energy consumption while improving customer service

  • Advanced Cloud Based System

    There are no computers or equipment to install or maintain.

About Us

Founten uses leading edge technology to deliver an intelligent wireless HVAC Energy Management System solution which allows you to achieve significant, measurable energy savings, and increase the satisfaction of your occupants through intuitive Cloud based reporting and management. Founten provides this wireless solution all at an economical price for both equipment and installation which has never been achievable before.

Founten's cloud based wireless HVAC solution is easy to install, has few components and gives you the power to control and monitor your HVAC needs in real-time from anywhere in the world via Web Browser, Smartphone or Tablet.