Power Control Module (FS-PCM-230/277)


The Founten Power Control Module (Part No. FS-PCM-230 or Part No. FS-PCM-277) provides you the next level of wireless HVAC Energy Management Control reducing energy consumption, decreasing expenses and improving productivity. Founten’s Energy Management solution combined with the advanced technology of the Power Control Module gives you the ability to control your facility’s electrical equipment remotely from any location in the world via Smartphone, Web Browser or Tablet.

How It Works

Our unique Power Control Module is comprised of two components; a Wireless Control Box and a Power Relay Module. The Wireless Control Box is a wall mounted transmitter and receiver that communicates wirelessly on the Founten network. The Power Relay Module is installed into an electrical subpanel or junction box and switches the connected equipment On and Off. The two components communicate with each other via a low voltage 3 wire control interface.


Installation Example

Each Power Control Module can be used to manage up to five different electrical devices via Founten’s Cloud Based Energy Management solution. It can be used for exhaust fans, boilers, cooling towers, lighting, and any other electrical equipment or device which requires scheduled operation


The Control Box is typically installed in close proximity to the Power Relay Module allowing for a quick installation wherever electrical circuits are located. For maximum flexibility, the 3 wire control cable can be up to 500 feet long.


The Founten Cloud Network allows complete access to these components over a secure wireless network. Controlling and scheduling your electrical equipment has now been simplified with our new remote power control technology.



Internet Programmable

  • Real-time access and control of electrical equipment from any location with Internet access
  • User friendly scheduling technology to set run-times on industrial electric equipment

Smartphone/Tablet Compatible

  • Use the Web App on your iPhone or Android phone from anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with all standard browsers

Easy Installation

  • Designed to fit in an electrical box and connect directly to already installed equipment
  • Certified contractors can install quickly giving you same day control
  • Compatible with new and retrofit installations
  • Automatically connects to your Founten wireless network
  • Wireless Control Box can be installed up to 500 feet from the Power Relay Module
  • Manual push button switches can be installed for manual override operation using a low voltage 2 wire connection up to 500 feet away

Energy Efficient

  • Graphical charts show active schedules and historical equipment usage
  • Preset adjustable schedules to save on energy costs when people aren’t present
  • Remote management and diagnosis to minimize service calls


  • Internet Accessible Programming
  • Wireless Control
  • Simplified Installation
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Allows for Increased Productivity
  • Decreased Maintenance/Operation Issues
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Analytical Reporting
  • Energy Savings and Data Tracking
  • 24/7 Email Customer Support
  • Monday thru Friday, 9 – 5 PST Live Support
  • 3 Year Warranty



  • Dry contacts rated at 120 VAC 15 and 240/277 VAC 10 Amp
  • Unit is powered by 120 VAC 0.5 Amp or 240 VAC 0.25 Amp
  • Optional version powered by 277 VAC 0.25 Amp

Size: Wireless Control Box

  • Dimensions (in.) 1 5/8 high x 3 ¾ wide x ¾ deep
  • Dimensions (mm)  41 high x 95 wide x 19 deep
  • Mounting: Vertical

Size: Power Relay Module

  • Dimensions (in.) 3 3/8 high x 6 ¾ wide x 2 ¼ in. deep
  • Dimensions (mm)  86 high x 171 wide x 57 deep
  • Mounting: Vertical or Horizontal

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