Site Manager Subscription Service


The Founten Site Manager Subscription Service (Part No. FS-SUBSCRIPTION-B or FS-SUBSCRIPTION-E) are the key to fully utilizing your thermostats and accessing them via the Internet. Founten’s managed servers run continuously delivering the innovative Web App to your Smartphone, Tablet or Web Browser. Founten’s Site Manager Subscription Service is easy to set-up, and the servers securely store your historical data and deliver Alert Notifications via email or text message. When new features or software updates become available, Founten’s servers automatically install upgrades into your products.


The Basic Site Subscription Service is provided for free and the Standard Subscription is available at an inexpensive price for customers who desire extra functionality. Hospitality customers will want to take advantage of the enhanced functionality that the enhanced subscription offers.



 Simplified Access

  • Non-stop availability
  • Dedicated Web address using Founten’s Domain

Automatic Back-ups

  • All historical and configuration data is automatically saved each day

Easy Billing Cycle


  •  Standard service billing is done via credit card annually










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