Temperature and Alarm Sensor (FS-TA1)


The Founten Temperature and Alarm Sensor is an add-on accessory to the Founten FS-STAT-32AC or FS-STAT-32ACH. It is connected to the Founten thermostat using 3 wires to provide power and communication. Once connected it provides an input for either an external temperature probe (for temperature monitoring and control) or to add a dry contact input to generate an alarm notification through the Founten Site Manager. The applications where this device can be used are: to detect the temperature inside of an enclosed refrigerator or freezer, to be placed on a wall in a conditioned space with the thermostat installed in a non-visible location, to monitor supply air or outside air temperature, or to interface with a water detector or similar device to generate a notification alert.


  • 3-wire connection to your Founten thermostat
  • Comes with an internal 10K temperature probe
  • Accepts 2-wire 10K external temperature probes.
  • Accepts either a normally open or normally closed Alarm input.
  • Set-up via Founten web-based app
  • Can average temperature between FS-TA1 and an FS-STAT-32AC(H)
  • Continuously collects historical temperature data.



  • 3-wire to FS-STAT-32AC(H) – D, R, C
  • 2-wire 10K temperature probe -100ft. max distance
  • 2-wire dry contact relay input – 150ft. max distance


  • Power –  hardwire 24VAC, 15mA
  • Voltage – 22-28VAC
  • Thermistor – 10K Type 2

External Probe Temperature Range

  • -20F to 180F (-28C to 82C)

Dry Contact Relay

  • Normally open or normall closed

Operating Range

  • -4F to 122F (-20C to 50C)
  • Humidity 5 to 90%


  • Dimensions (in.) H 2.5″ x W 2.25″ x D .75″
  • Dimensions (mm) H 63 x W 57 x D 19
  • Mounting – Vertical (logo at bottom)


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