Thermostat Control Module (FS-TCM)


Founten’s Thermostat Control Module provides you with the ability to connect one of Founten’s Remote Thermostats (FS-TRW-32AC or FS-TRW-32DC) to a HVAC unit using a wireless connection. The TCM is the controller that gets installed at the HVAC unit*. By using your Founten Site Manager (Web App) you will connect the TCM to a Remote Thermostat, finalizing the wireless communication. Now you will be able to control your HVAC unit from a wireless thermostat, as if it was wired directly into the HVAC unit. We call this the complete wireless option because it provided you with a simple and innovative way to get a thermostat onto the wall without having to run any wires.


Initial TCM and Remote Thermostat configuration and ongoing schedule management is accomplished using Founten’s free Web App. The Web App provides intuitive programming without the need to learn complicated menus. In addition, historical temperature and HVAC usage can be saved and reviewed. By providing a graphical representation of the thermostat’s operations, it gives you a powerful way to review and analyze your energy usage. With input of your power rates entered, you will always know the current operational cost of running your HVAC system. Founten’s solution enables you to adjust your schedule settings to reduce energy consumption and lower your energy costs. Our TCM w/ Remote Thermostat option also has the brainpower to continuously monitor the health of your HVAC systems. This advanced feature sends an immediate alert to authorized personnel via email or text message at the first sign of a problem.


Internet Programmable

  • A free subscription is provided to access the thermostat’s features
  • Create a unique and dedicated Web portal address
  • Secure connection for easy HVAC settings
  • User friendly interface

Wireless Control and Monitoring

  • Wireless communicate to Founten Remote Thermostat
  • Connect directly to your existing HVAC system’s wiring
  • Communicates wirelessly to the Founten Wireless Gateway which is connected to the Internet via your router
  • Program your system using any device that has Internet access from anywhere in the world

Smartphone Compatible

  • Use on the iPhone Web-App from anywhere in the world
  • Use on any Smartphone with enhanced Web Capabilities (Android, Palm, Blackberry)
  • Compatible with all standard browsers
  • Clear and crisp user friendly system

Advanced Alarm Notifications

  • Notifications Delivered to active on-line users, via SMS text messages, or through email
  • Automatically identifies service requirement due to any type of system failure

Thermostat Keypad

  • Increase and decrease temperature settings
  • Quickly change the fan and system settings with a simple push of a button
  • Display can be lighted via a button on the thermostat
  • Lock and unlock individual thermostats to prevent unwanted changes to thermostat settings

Easy Installation

  • Certified contractors will install your system quickly without installing special wiring
  • Uses standard thermostat wiring
  • Automatically wireless self installs in seconds using secure encrypted technology
  • A wizard will walk you through a few simple steps for setting up access and completing the installation
  • Compatible with new installations, replacement installations, and upgradeable pre-wired systems

Energy Efficient

  • Graphical charts that illustrate how much energy is being used by your HVAC system
  • Historical Usage information allows schedule to be tuned to maximize energy efficiency
  • Preset Adjustable Schedule to save on energy costs when people aren’t present
  • Off hours reports to allow for customer bill back
  • Remote Management and Diagnosis to minimize service calls
  • Meets ENERGY STAR® and California Title 24 Guidelines

Great Customer Service

  • Multiple ways of contacting us to answer questions
  • We pride ourselves in rapidly responding to any problems that might occur
  • Our systems were designed for reliable operation and we stand behind our products




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