Advanced Cloud Based System

Because we use Cloud Servers there aren’t any computers or equipment to install at your site. Access your Energy Management System from anywhere in the world using a Tablet, Smartphone or Web Browser.  All of this is delivered by our Cloud Servers which are managed 24/7 by our trained technicians.


Importance of Founten’s Cloud Based Solution

We have taken HVAC Energy Management to the next level; providing you advanced communication and centrally located HVAC management capabilities wirelessly. Previous solutions that allowed similar types of control have required dedicated servers to be purchased for these applications and would have to exist in your facility. Your on site staff needed to be trained on these dedicated systems and servers with software needed to be purchased and maintained by on-site IT personnel.


By leveraging a cloud based computing platform, all of the servers needed to enable these high end tasks now sit in “The Cloud” on the Internet. They are accessed by an easy to use, simple to understand Web Browser interface (Web App) via  Where the Cloud resides there are no wires, no software to install or maintain, no interference with other wireless networks, and the achievement of a much smaller carbon footprint.


Our  intuitive Web App runs on any “smart” device that uses a Web Browser, such as a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Data is accessed by these devices anywhere you have an internet connection. The Cloud allows servers and storage devices to be shared. Your data is protected while enabling maximum flexibility.


We provide you the simplicity of wireless communication and storage freeing up facility space, need for training, reducing facility management time, all in a simple to install, cost effective wireless HVAC Energy Management solution.


Less is More

  • No wires
  • Low cost
  • No software to install or maintain
  • Minimal equipment
  • Open ended API for customization
  • No interference with other wireless networks
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Secure and encrypted network communication

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