Hospitality Solutions

The first solution to save you energy and operating costs while improving the guest experience.


Our Philosophy

Hotels spend a significant amount of money on guest amenities. As hotel’s look to save energy costs and increase hotel revenue, we believe your guest’s hotel experience should still be your highest priority. On average, 60% of hotel energy consumption is from HVAC resources. With Founten’s state of the art wireless HVAC Energy Management System solution, we enable you to reduce a large percentage of your hotel energy costs without negatively impacting the guest experience your hotel provides.


Our Solution

Founten delivers the newest technology in hotel wireless HVAC Energy Management and control, with the shortest return on investment. We focus on achieving your energy saving goals by concentrating on your largest potential saving opportunity; the times when your guest rooms are vacant.


Our Three Prong Approach

1. Central Control Tied to your Property Management System (PMS)

We use real-time information about room status from our on-site Property Management System Interface (PMS Interface).


By automatically capturing check-in and check-out status, changes can be made to the in-room energy consumption when rooms become vacant. Our intelligent thermostats have built-in wireless networking capabilities that seamlessly and automatically tie them to your PMS. This allows our solution to automatically switch the guest rooms to an “Economy Setting” thus reducing power consumption when rooms are vacant. Then, when guests check-in, the rooms are automatically switched to a predefined “Comfort Setting” so that when the guest arrives, the climate is being conditioned to their satisfaction.


2. Low Cost Implementation

The advanced capabilities offered by our hospitality solution would only be practical if it could be deployed inexpensively into your existing hotel environment. To achieve this, our thermostats use an advanced, low cost, wireless technology.


Our wireless thermostats are designed to be installed as a direct replacement for the existing in-room thermostats. This means that the cost per thermostat is economical and the installation cost is extremely low. There is no special wiring or equipment required to fully deploy our solution.


To drive cost down further, we use the newest “Cloud Based Computing” model. There are no computer systems or equipment to purchase, and there is no need for special technical training or on-site resources. The servers are maintained in advanced data centers by our trained technicians. Our Founten Site Manager can be accessed by your authorized personnel from anywhere in the world with a Tablet, Web Browser or Smartphone. Because of the economies of scale achievable in central data centers, the support costs can be kept extremely low.


3. Ongoing Performance Analysis

Our intelligent wireless thermostats automatically perform detailed, real-time data logging for each of your HVAC systems. This detailed information allows our advanced analysis algorithms to detect poorly performing HVAC equipment. Our systems automatically notify responsible personnel via system alert when a unit is identified as needing attention. This positively impacts the guest experience because HVAC problems are solved before guests are affected, and many times the problems can be solved without having to enter the guest’s room. In addition, a poorly performing HVAC unit can consume more than twice the energy of a properly operating unit which increases your energy costs. Founten is the only solution today that can offer this real-time data analysis capability.


Our Results

Our completely new approach to wireless HVAC Energy Management is allowing hotels to achieve significant, measurable energy savings, improved guest satisfaction and an astounding Return on Investment of less than one year.

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