Commercial Solutions

We are the first wireless HVAC Energy Management solution for the commercial industry which can be deployed quickly and inexpensively delivering the most advanced wireless capabilities.


The Simple, but Intelligent Solution to Manage Your HVAC Needs

As building owners and facility managers, we know you are always looking for ways to reduce your overall operating costs. Founten makes this possible with our inexpensive, easy to install solution. Our solution enables you to centrally manage your HVAC systems from anywhere you have Internet access, eliminating timely facility actions and increasing your productivity.


Going Green

We help you achieve your objective of improving the Environment by reducing your energy consumption, thereby reducing your energy costs, but at the same time increasing your overall occupant satisfaction.

Our Energy Savings Philosophy

We believe that having the right knowledge is the most important thing you need in order to reduce your energy costs. Our Founten Site Manager Subscription Service provides you with that knowledge. All of your HVAC usage is automatically stored in a database on our Cloud based servers. This historical information is quickly retrieved and displayed on easy to read graphs. From this information, you can identify times where the heat or air conditioning was needlessly running. You can then quickly make informed changes to the schedules and temperature set points to decrease your energy usage. We enable you to reduce your energy consumption and in turn decrease your energy costs.


Our Advanced HVAC Monitoring

Founten’s wireless programmable thermostats combined with our Site Manager Web App continuously monitors temperature trending over time and the operation of your HVAC system. When any abnormality is observed, Founten’s Site Manager will initiate a “Push” alert notification. Alert notifications are immediately delivered via text message or email to personnel you have authorized to take action to repair your system(s). For example, if you have a cooling system that is low on Freon, the unit will continue to run for hours trying to maintain proper room temperatures. The result is costly energy consumption which will increase your energy costs. Our intuitive alert feature enables your staff to address HVAC issues proactively instead of waiting for complaints or worse, a system failure.


Scheduling Made Easy

Most thermostats in use today are either not programmable, or are so difficult to program, that nobody even tries. More than 80% of programmable thermostats currently installed are never programmed. Our Site Manager provides a simple, intuitive interface for setting up your facility schedules. No user manual is required! This means that the people who are responsible for managing your building energy costs will be able to fine tune your schedules and temperature settings as needed from a centralized location to provide a pleasant indoor environment for your occupants as well as minimize your energy expenses when no one is present.


Our Multi-Building Advantage

Founten’s simple, but intelligent cloud based solution allows multi-building facilities, such as Banks, retail franchises, and school campuses to logically manage all of these distributed environments from any central location. A facilities manager can have the same information from anywhere they have an Internet connection as if they were in the facility being monitored with a Direct Digital Control (DDC) system. This eliminates the need for a technical “specialist” at each remote location; and can also eliminate costly HVAC maintenance contracts for remote locations without HVAC support staff on site. With Founten’s solution, if an HVAC problem exists, facilities managers or staff regardless of their location will proactively receive alerts via text or email notifying them that a system isn’t functioning properly. After review of the issue, an informed decision based on real-time information can be made and often corrected on the fly via Founten’s Site Manager or maintenance can be scheduled for HVAC repair without inconveniencing the tenant.


Our Unique Commercial Energy Savings Tools

Tenants of multi-unit buildings can be given the tools to manage their own energy costs. Each of our intelligent wireless thermostats can be assigned to your individual tenants. Since Founten’s Site Manager automatically tracks time of day usage and provides detailed usage reports, your tenants can be billed for after hour’s usage. Because their usage can be billed, their cost can be subtracted from normal daily usage, and most tenant utility bills can be decreased. Your tenants only pay for the energy they use, and are incented to limit after hour’s usage to times when their HVAC is really needed.


Key Commercial Benefits

  • Centrally Managed HVAC: Manage HVAC Temperature wirelessly from a Tablet, Smartphone or Web Browser anywhere in the world
  • Cost Effective Retrofit Solution: Provides Return on Investment of less than one year
  • Increased Employee Productivity: Save personnel time by allowing remote diagnosis and resolution of HVAC issues
  • Advanced Scheduling: Schedule occupied, unoccupied and vacation schedules decreasing energy consumption
  • No Cost Upgrades: Receive automatic feature upgrades over the wireless network at no cost to you
  • After Hours Billing: Our after hours billing report tracks your tenants actual energy usage
  • Open API Architecture: Create customized applications to meet your needs
  • Safe Temperature Alarms: Alerts you if mission critical rooms are at unsafe temperatures
  • Increased Occupant Satisfaction: Real-time data takes the guesswork out of  Tenant HVAC complaints


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